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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  February 10, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight in florida. a 5-year-old girl tucked into bed. five hours later she's gone. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little haleigh. last person to see her alive, new stepmother, 18-year-old misty croslin who takes to the air waves claiming she's innocent. even in one brief interview she can't keep the story straight including a 180 on a lie detector she flunked. bombshell tonight. after haleigh's own father
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ronald cummings and babysitter-turned stepmother misty croslin handcuffed, arrested, booked. cummings talks first. misty croslin follows suit. as we go to air, we obtained even more jailhouse tapes, hours of croslin with mommy, daddy, grandma, brother. croslin vowing not to talk about the night haleigh vanishes while sleeping just feet away. but now we see croslin angry, cursing, swearing, even blaming it all on the 5-year-old little girl. claims now surface from behind bars. her drug deals are to blame for haleigh's disappearance. and tonight, we discover more of the ronald cummings jailhouse tapes, whose only focus is finding haleigh. this, as croslin's brother says
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he'll lie to get out of jail. and tonight, at the one-year mark of haleigh's disappearance, what does croslin do? of course. she gets her hair done behind bars. investigators combing the tapes for evidence that may help find haleigh. tonight, pressure mounting. where is 5-year-old haleigh?
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good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thanks for being with us. bombshell tonight. as we go to air, we obtain even more of those jailhouse tapes secretly recorded, hours of croslin with mommy, daddy, grandma, brother. croslin vowing not to talk about the night haleigh vanishes while sleeping just feet away. now we see a different croslin -- angry, cursing, swearing, even blaming it all on the 5-year-old little girl.
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>> we are taking your calls live. tonight we see a whole new misty croslin. the babysitter turned stepmother, the last person to be there with haleigh that we know of. her story is that she goes to sleep that night and sometime in the middle of the night someone comes into the room with misty croslin, kidnaps the girl, walks the length of the home out the back door, props it open with a cinder block and leaves. and she knows nothingi inof wha happened? we're taking your calls. out to art harris at
10:08 pm these tapes are very, very revealing. a whole new side of misty croslin. >> she's a tough cookie, nancy. at the end she says, there is nothing they can do to break me. she says she doesn't know what happened to haleigh. she's tough. 20 years in jail, doesn't matter. she doesn't know anything. one day the world will know she's innocent. >> out to the lines. jan in tennessee. hi, jan. >> caller: hi. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: i was wondering. do you think maybe haleigh's dad and donna brock are working with the police on this drug bust just to set misty up? >> that is a theory art harris has had for some time. what do you know, art? >> i don't think they were in cahoots. i know that later, recently investigators visited ronald in jail. in his conversations with his mother he says that they are trying to turn him into their secret weapon to use against misty to get her to talk.
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that's now. by being lovey dovy, pulling her heart strings saying he misses junior and haleigh so badly. that was the only time law enforcement tells him they saw her cry real tears, nancy. they think he knows how to push her button. >> what more can you tell us jean kasaras? >> when we look at ron cummings and the tape, what we heard was right. he goes on to say it appears as though law enforcement is courting misty, that every day they take her out with a pack of cigarettes and he wants to know why he can't have some cigarettes. he acts like they are courting her with cigarettes to get her to talk. they feel though he could be the secret weapon to get misty to reveal more than she said. >> let's take a listen to what babysitter-turned-stepmother misty croslin has to say along with ronald cummings and the brother behind bars.
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>> so, art harris, they're talking about how they get recognized everywhere they go. didn't that hit them when they were doing undercover dope deals? it's on one of those pinhole video cameras in the car. hey, i have been working with the cops trying to find haleigh. i wonder if they notice i'm selling dope. they are so worried about being recognized at the 7-11. how about when doing dope deals? >> they weren't thinking then but they are interested in their own celebrity and they are reveling in it. police hope to use it against them. they certainly don't appreciate that they are stars of a reality tv show that is happening in realtime about a missing little girl. >> and the only one in the whole bunch that talks about finding haleigh is ronald cummings, the father.
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>> that's right. it's the one-year mark of haleigh vanishing into thin air about three feet away from misty croslin who claims she knows nothing. and what does she do? get her hair done between the bars, there behind bars. gail, what's your question? >> caller: nancy, i love your show. >> thank you. >> caller: my question is misty has made no sense at all and ron is so cocky in his jailhouse
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picture. could haleigh have died maybe before he went to work and he could have dumped the body on the way to work? is his alibi airtight? have they investigated that? >> to marlena, our investigator on this. who picked haleigh up from the bus stop that day? >> it was -- excuse me. it was misty who picked her up. they came back to the house and ron's story is airtight, nancy. they did everything -- they gated him thoroughly. phone records, they combed through everything. he gave them everything. dna, the whole nine. he was at work. there was no body in his car. >> let's back it up. art harris, this is what you do when you're against a stone wall in an investigation. you go back to the beginning. number one, what time did
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haleigh get off that bus? >> nancy, i believe she got off about 2:30, 3:00. >> okay. did misty croslin pick her up? >> there are two stories, nancy. i spoke to two families who saw misty pick her up and ronald and the family insist ronald rode her back to the house on his lap, played with her for a while and went to work. either way, he was back at the house and she was alive before he left for work. >> now, how do we know that? how do we know she was alive before he went to work? >> she was later seen playing with her cousins who were tommy and lindsay's children right outside. >> that's after ronald cummings goes to work? >> that's correct. >> okay. so he's out of it, gail in florida. marl marlaina, we earlier saw them whining about what we have been reporting on air. let's take a look. you went through the home.
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you told me the bed was no more than four feet away from misty croslin. you described the whole home. do you stand by what you reported? >> absolutely. they're going on about, you know, we don't have our story straight. of course we have our story straight. it's misty who can't keep her story straight, nancy. we learned that in the beginning and we are learning it more and more throughout the jailhouse tapes. she says inconsistent things after inconsistent things.
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>> new tapes secretly recorded from behind bars reveal a different side to babysitter-turned-stepmother misty croslin. angry, cursing, swearing, even blaming her high bond not on her repeat drug sales but on this little girl -- haleigh. 5-year-old haleigh went missing a few feet away from misty croslin in the middle of the
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night as they allegedly slept. we are taking your calls live out to the president and founder of class kids foundation, mark class. mark, what do you make of it? >> is wewell, nancy. i think you had it right when you said we have to go back to the beginning on this. i think what we have to understand is that ron -- i don't believe for a minute that ron is directly responsible for the loss of his daughter. he is the only one who still brings it back to try to find her. but you have to understand and we all have to understand that this was a living situation where a grown man was living with three children, two of whom were his own and the third one was a drug-addled young girl who was having sex with him and was ill-equipped to take care of the other two children, yet he allowed it to happen. remember, he gravitates towards these very young girls. he makes incredibly bad
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decisions in his life. they're all involved in drugs. and i think the police are absolutely correct when they say that whoever committed this crime is somebody who is close to these people, somebody who is known to their circle of friends and acquaintances.
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>> actually, we're just playing your own words. speaking of putting words in your mouth, you're doing that well enough all on your own. we are taking your calls live. first, let's unleash the lawyers. tonight joining us from the atlanta jurisdiction, renee
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rockwell. out of boston, peter elliken, well-known attorney and author of "super predators: the demonzation of our children by the law." to both of you, welcome. renee rockwell, can they dig their grave any deeper? >> nancy, these are all admissions. anything they say. that will come into court. they shouldn't worry about nancy grace putting this on television. they need to be worried about this being plugged in and played in front of a jury, if it gets that far. >> you know, peter, they are digging their grave with their teeth by yakking. they may as well dig out the dirt as they talk. the other thing, how do you like it when your client -- say you're the defense attorney here -- on the one-year mark of this little girl's disappearance goes and has her hair done in elaborate french braids? how long did it take her to sit there and get that done? her hair is down to here.
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instead of working with cops to find haleigh? >> hey, nancy, what do you think we're dealing with? ph.d.s from the sarbonne. i have heard the term criminal mastermind, but i have never met one. >> hold on -- >> they are told again and again they are being recorded, you're being monitored. there are signs on the wall. >> second verse, same as the first. >> they continue to talk and talk. >> peter, not what i asked you, number one. number two, don't start with me about they're stupid. they're not stupid. they have taken cops on a wild goose chase now for one year and also, what criminal isn't stupid? if they weren't stupid they wouldn't be committing crimes and getting caught? all right. so i don't care if they do have a ph.d. or a high school degree. haleigh is missing. it doesn't matter what you may
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think of their intellect. look, everybody didn't have the chance to go to law school, peter. but lady justice is blind. that has nothing to do with this. out to the lines. jean in new york. hi, dear. >> caller: hi, nancy. your babies are absolutely precious. i think lucy looks like you and john david looks like your husband. they're adorable. >> that is a huge compliment to myself and my husband. i will relay it because i have never seen anything more beautiful than those two. when i think about this case, lucy and john david just turned 2 a couple months ago. >> caller: precious they are. >> this little girl was 5 and she had turner syndrome. here i am talking about her in the past tense because i can't think anything but the worse in this case. then i have this bunch of dope dealers -- that's what they are. >> caller: a i know. >> behind bars. the only one that continues to talk about finding haleigh is ronald cummings.
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the others actually blame the little girl for their high bond. i guess they forgot they were caught on video selling dope. >> caller: right. well, my question is, quickly, do you think it's possible that misty is afraid to say what she knows? because from the very beginning ron was going on national television saying that he was going to kill the person after he found out who took haleigh. do you think she's really afraid that ronald, if he gets out, will go after her and kill her? >> all right, harris. i think that's a legitimate concern. >> great question. i can tell you the other two women before mistier wey were frightened of ron and say he put as revolver in his mouth and plays russian roulette. >> that's inconsistent. why would they be afraid if he's threatening to commit suicide? >> he's ranting, raving, verbally abusing them. this is what they reported.
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it is consistent to the story misty has been telling her friends, especially that night when she was picked up by one and ronald had kicked her out. this is someone who has every reason to be afraid. >> well, you know what? i would be afraid, too, if i were left responsible for a 5-year-old girl and she vanished into thin air and i don't know anything. i fail a polygraph? my stories are inconsistent? i can't keep a story straight? she's not worried. she married him. >> that's right. but, you know, she knows he's threatened to blow away anybody who had anything to do with it, whether it's bravado or true. >> i want to go out to a bounty hunter who offered to bail misty croslin out of jail. what's the latest, leonard? do you plan to speak to croslin's attorney? >> he hasn't returned a call here in the last few days. >> who is he? >> doesn't want to talk to us at
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all. >> what's his name? >> fields. robert fields. >> you know what? >> i don't think -- >> he doesn't want to get his client bonded out? >> i get the impression that he's concerned about the situation and the fact that we won't post the bond until she tells us enough information or gives us the information to find haleigh. >> do you think, as you look at the facts, that she knows the answer to where haleigh is? >> she might not know the answer to where haleigh is, but she knows enough to lead people to where haleigh would be. she knows who took haleigh. she's concerned about relaying certain information. that, i'm convinced of. i was convinced of it a year ago when we were back there. i'm even more convinced of it now. >> sergeant scott hanes in florida, sergeant, thanks for being with us. sergeant, just before haleigh
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goes missing there were three full days where misty croslin was awol. nobody could find her. she was on a drug and drunk spree. three straight days. i feel very strongly if this child did not disappear at the hands of misty croslin herself that it was someone that she dragged back to the home that knew where she was, that knew about the child, someone in their innerer circumstan-- inne that took haleigh. >> that's true. for those three days i'm sure they have tried to speak to her regarding who she was with during this drug binge. it's something they need to find out. it's something she can come off of to try to help herself out in this situation. obviously if she's close enough to be with people on a three-day drug binge it could be somebody close enough to assist her in something like this. >> peter elliken, weigh in.
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i think i have peter with me. weigh in. okay. he can't hear me. i'm going to you, renee. what about that theory? >> nancy, what theory are we talking about now? >> about the three-day drug binge she was on just before the child goes missing. >> okay. and nancy, if that is the case, there is a very good chance that she was absolutely unconscious and somebody took the baby out. it's not going to free her from any kind of criminal liability, but it will be enough to get her out of a homicide charge if the child is dead. >> everybody, a quick break. happy birthday to california friend betty jean hodges, a nurse, mother of eight including one of our hln stars -- media. happy birthday beautiful betty.
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>> to dr. lesly austin, psychotherapist joining us from new york, it's like they are in a parallel universe, an alternative universe. >> i'll say. >> misty croslin is completely ignoring the fact that she was selling drugs. >> yeah. >> that's why she is behind bars. it's like everyone, she believes, is attacking her,
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badmouthing her. we are the reasons she was behind bars. she blames little haleigh for her high bond. how can they forget they are caught on video selling dope? and what the cops want are answers about haleigh. >> nancy, you know i'm usually even-tempered but i find this so outrageous. not one of these people is taking any responsibility for the fact that they committed criminal acts. i'm sure misty knows more than she's saying. i don't know what. i'm also pretty sure she was either blacked out or on drugs and not directly participating but i'm sure she could give some information about her activities and who was around her to help. it's outrageous that these people are whining and complaining about, i shouldn't have these charges and i need to get out and haleigh is missing and they are not taking responsibility. >> i'm going to tell the world -- tell the world what? that you sell drugs and you were so out of it the night haleigh went missing you can't tell cops
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what happened? to dr. titus duncan from the atlanta medical center. this is a year from when the little girl went missing. if she were killed at that time would her body even be recognizable now if it were out in the elements? >> no. she would have only skeletal remains at this particular point in time. you can still get dna from a skeletal body from the teeth, the bone itself, but that is the only thing that would be left. >> where do you get dna from a bone when the body is completely skeletonized? >> they process the bone. >> what? bone marrow from inside? >> you can get marrow or tissue out of the bone itself. you can get scrapings off the bone and process that bone and get some of the dna architecture out of the bone. >> so a bone is actually hardened tissues? >> yes. it is tissue just like your teeth or any other part. >> so within a bone -- you don't
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have to have soft tissue. you can get toodna from the bon itself. >> absolutely. you sure can. >> everybody, we're taking your calls. tonight, congratulations to sergeant scott wife, beautiful becky, after 15 years of major, they welcomed their first child. it's a baby girl, lily grace, born feb 2, pensacola, florida, 8 pounds, 8 ounces and she is a beauty! congratulations scott and becky, and welcome home beautiful baby lily grace.
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hello, i'm a.j. hammer, this is the "showbiz tonight" news break. here's what is coming up at the top of the hour.
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wait until you here john mayer's mind boggling claims about his revelations about his feelings for jen anniston. and chiropractorsty alley's dramatic weight battle caught on tape. is she making a big mistake? that is your "showbiz tonight" news break, tv's most provocative news show starts at the top of the hour here on hln. >> well, they're certainly interested in themselves being in the paper, but this is what cops said in a recent press release. it is very unlikely haleigh's disappearance is the work of a stranger. evidence and information
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indicate a strong likelihood her disappearance is a result of foul play by someone known to misty croslin and/or ronald cummings. furthermore, physical evidence at the scene contradicts misty croslin's sketchy account of her evening activities. in other words, she lied to police. art harris, what about it? >> that's right, nancy. the police have not wavered from this theory that if the small circle -- there is no -- there is no killer running loose in satsuma, florida. it is this small group, and they are going to keep the heat on like they have this far. to the lines, joy, south carolina. hi, joy. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> what's your question, dear? >> we love you, we love your babies, and i'm a twin. >> god bless you. and i hope that lucy and john david are each other's best friends for the rest of their
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life, after mommy, of course. >> oh, my sister joyce and i are. she lives in arizona. but we talk often, we talk about you and your wonderful babies. >> thank you. what is your question, love? >> caller: well, my question was when you had ronald on your show, he had made a statement that you have to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. >> yep. >> caller: i believe that that is why he married her. how much closer can you get than to keep your enemy? than to mary marry them. >> peter, do you think it's possible that he kept her that close in his inner circle to get evidence? >> i don't know if he was really that zealous, and he seems like he is zealous about finding -- i truly believe he is sincere and genuine and that he really wants to find out what happened to his daughter. and i guess he would be willing to do anything. i mean, that sounds a little bit pushing the edge of the envelope. but it seems like if he was willing -- truly willing to do anything to find out his daughter, he would probably try to get as close as he could to
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anybody who suspected -- try to get on their good side. it's a theory, a definite possibility. >> everyone, tip line, 888-277-tips. there is a $30,000 reward. let's stop and remember, army corporal eric palmer, 21, mays, kansas, killed iraq. awarded the bronze star, purple heart, national defense service medal. loved skydiving, sports, drawing, helping others. dedicated, never met a stranger. leaves behind parents don and gina, brother travis. eric palmer, american hero. thanks to our guests, but a special thank you to you. and thank you to arizona friends, linda and bud for the giant raggedy ann and andy for the twins. i'll see you tomorrow night. 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend. o
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